Ace Schools International

Grooming Excellence

The clubs and societies, through various activities, serve as simulators to real situations in the context of the larger society. A brief overview of each club/society is given below.

Homes makers Club

This group was formed to make each member a useful member of the family. The club seeks to teach the students ways through which they can make the home a pleasant place to live.

Young Farmers Club

Inorder to refute the notion that farmers are dropouts or neve-do-wells in the society,the club was formed to make notable changes in the attitude of our youth towards farming. To boost students'sociological and psychological disposition to farming, the college gives an equal weight to classroom work and practical work. Thus, members of the club are made to carry out various agricultural operatons on the school farm.

Peace Club

These seek to enhance the reading and writing skills of its members. Activities, such as writing, editing, reporting and broadcasting designed to achieve this, are undertaken.

Shapes & Figures Club

The declines in students performance in Mathematics, as evident in the results released by national and internationalexamination bodies, serves as a congent reason for the formation of the club. The clubs' main objectives are to reduce the apathy of students towards Mathematics and stimulate their interest in the subject.

Jets Club

This club seeks to keep students abreast of inventions in this dynamic world of science and technology and to encourage them to use the skills gained from science to construct things that can make life more comfortable.

Egbe Akomolede Club

Egbe Akomolede club helps to make students more acquainted with their dialects and culture. Thus, it seeks to promote speaking, reading and writing skills of its members.

Ace Schools International Road Satefy Corps

It exposes members to the rules that guild the use of public roads, and attitudes expected of all roads users in Nigeria. It also ensures decipline, orderliness, safety and safety-consciousness within the school premises and at events organized by the school. The corps does this through its operatives, called safety officials.

Literary & Debating Club

These seeks to promote speaking, listening and writing skills in students. The club upholds, in particular, the art of public speaking through activities such as debate, talk show, quiz, and spelling competitions.

Drama/Art Club

This is a club geared towards the enhancement of creativity in students. In order to encourage students to appreciate aesthetics, the club trains her members in the play-acting, art of drawing, painting and designing.