Why Choosing Us?


Arriving at Ace Schools International gives you the oppportunity to relish her serene and natural ambience with a beautiful landscape which provides an ideal environment for learning.


Our students are our greatest assets towards a glorious future. Thus, we support and equip them with pre-requisite skill-set and knowledge that will make them stand out distinctly among their peers and in their chosen field(s).


Ace Schools International is a community of highly inspired and creative minds. We ensure that graduates of our school become part of richly blend of diverse, influential and accomplished individuals in different fields of human endeavour.


Ace Schools International provides the foundation for all our students. Our Core values encompass the following: character, hardwork, and decorum.

What We Offer

With Your Ward(s) at Ace (GIL) Schools International, the following are Assured


Your One-Stop School to Groom your Ward for CBT Examination

Can't seem to find the right Location to prepare your Ward for CBT Examination? JAMB CBT Examination Tension? If the search for the right CBT Examination Training centre is already given you headaches, and the cost is heavy, then its time you stop looking elsewhere and enrol your ward into Ace (GIL) Schools International! We have the experience and technical team and support for everything CBT.

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Music Instrument Training Now Made Easy

Having trouble training your ward(s) on how to use various musical instrument in Nigeria on time? Let's help you with your ward training on musical instructment to become a PRO with our fast and effective music instructors.

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Ace (GIL) Sport Exercise Stategies Get Your Ward(s) Physically Fit and Mentally Smart

Is your ward becoming oberse? Worry No More as you can now help reduce his/her obersity with our exercise strategies form our experienced excercise instructors, who will train and keep your ward fit. Thus, helping him/her grow physically strong and mentally smart.

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We Will Help Enrich your Ward(s) with Knowledge

Lets assist your Ward(s) Gain Knowledge from our well stocked and up to date Library filled with articles, journals, books from prominent and notable authors whose focus are in mental growth, alertness, and exposure to a variety of information in and outside the country.

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Ace (GIL) Schools International Prouds of its Unique Learning Approach

Tired of the same teaching approach for your ward(s) that doesn't meet the standard of todays innovation? Try Ace (GIL) Schools International, the School that blends entrepreneurship into its teaching approach, taking into consideration ICT technology facilities as part of its interactive learning tools. Thus, pushing the boundaries for education in Nigeria.

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The joy of achievement is worth sharing, we are happy to share the success of our true ambassadors who were honoured with the third prize position among dozens of schools at the Habitation of Hope Quiz Competition.

Our gratitude goes to the parents, and teachers for contributing to this memorable success.

Proprietress Welcome Speech

Ace Schools International is a co-educational institution with an inspiring and dynamic curriculum that challenges all students to realise their full potential, encouraging them to pursue new interests and equips them with the skills required for success in the global market place.

Ace Schools International, located in Mowe, Ogun state, is fast becoming a centre of innovation and enterprise, boasting an extensive and flourishing network of great researchers and students trying to break academic records.

The School is fully equipped with ultra modern facilities and offers exceptional learning opportunities of quality education that prepares students for early upstart of successive studies in Literature, Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology. The School provides enabling environment for practical knowledge supported by sound theoritical exposure.

These opportunities form an integral part of our learning environment, where individual students' needs are met and their talents and interest developed.

We teach your ward how to read, write, relate and solve problems in choosen subjects in a conducive learning environment, using professional teachers, applying good methods and technology as well as nutrition and recreation through sport and physical education. We respect individual worth and integrity, doing all in accordance to global best practice and standards.

Therefore, we are seeking for parents who are devoted to their children's education, and are willingly to gladly invest on them.

Again, we say thank you for taking out time to visit our website and we look forward to your visit to our school.

School Advisory Counsel


Mr. Effiong Orok

B.Th (UMTC); PGD Bus. & Public Admin.; MARAD/PFSO, Florida Institute of Tech. U.S.A

Mrs. Mendie Orok

M.Sc in Business Administration

School Doctor

Busayo Elizabeth

MBBS (Ukraine)

School Doctor

Shelter Hosea

B.Eng Electrical Electronics

Technical Officer

What Our Students Say

My School, Ace Kiddies Nursery and Primary School is UNIQUE by my honest assessment. Every child would like to be in this type of learning environment.

A School with a difference, a serene environment that is conducive for learning. The School believes in meeting all needs of students through education and extracting the best in you, and not outside you.

Ace Schools International is a unique gem in educational sector, with well equipped ultra modern laboratory, ICT complaince and quilified teachers with an interactive teaching technique, that brings out greatness from us.


Parents Feedback

Sincerely speaking, I am very happy that my daugther attends Ace Schools International. We have noticed a profound improvement in her learning, and she is now well focused, like an eagle that is ready to sour higher in her academic pursuits. We say more grease to your elbow.